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PTCL Speed Test

With its customers spread all around the country, today, PTCL is the biggest internet service provider in Pakistan. It’s not just about being the biggest internet provider, PTCL also provides quality service and internet speed throughout the country. There are a lot of internet providers who provide more internet speed than PTCL but their after-sale services are really poor. While a common phenomenon is that PTCL provides very low internet speed, it is, however, not true. Today, we’ll talk about how to check PTCL internet speed and how you can increase your PTCL internet speed test. Let’s get started.

What is PTCL Internet Speed Test?

PTCL has approximately 80% internet market share in Pakistan. It is a semi-government organization. The biggest share: 62% is owned by the Government of Pakistan, Etisalat Communications owns 26% of shares, and the general public owns the remaining 12% of shares. With 80 percent of the market, ptcl continues to be one of the leading service providers with outstanding after-sales support. Some users, however, ask us how to check their PTCL internet speed by Ookla. So, to make things easier for you we’ve created a tool that lets you check your internet speed easily.

PTCL Speed Test Ookla is a tool you can use to check your internet connection speed. You can run this speed test on a desktop, mobile device, laptop, or tablet. A speed test measures how much data your internet connection sends and receives every second. Data rates are calculated by locating the closest server and then transferring internet data between your computer and the server. Basically, your internet speed is the speed at which data travels between your computer and the server.

How to Check Your PTCL Internet Speed?

You can see a green color “GO” button at the top of your screen. All you need to do is to tap on that button and the tool will do the rest of the work. It will check your internet speed and provide optimal results in real-time. If you want the best results, you should pause all other internet activities, including downloading and watching videos, before starting the internet speed test. If your speed test fails then you need to make sure that your ptcl bill is paid and if your original ptcl bill has been lost, you can download Duplicate PTCL Bill from our website free of cost.

Understanding your Internet Speed Test Result

Once the speed test is completed, you’ll see four different values on your screen. Let’s talk about all of them one by one.

Download Speed:

This measures how quickly information is transferred from the Internet to your computer. It can be images or videos. Streaming YouTube/Facebook videos, surfing the Internet, or loading pages on the Internet are all examples. In simple words, the more this value, the more your internet speed.

Upload Speed: 

Upload Speed is exactly the opposite of download speed. It is the rate at which data is transmitted from your computer to the internet or any other computer connected through the internet. This speed is used when you upload a picture or a video on your Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. It is also used in video calls to send your video to the other person.


Ping is the reaction time of your internet connection, also known as latency. The lower the ping, the quicker your connection will be and it will be ideal for heavy usages, such as video gaming. An improved way of describing ping is that it refers to the time it takes for a small data pack of data to be transmitted from your device to a server on the Internet and back again. 


The jitter is the disparity between the ping, which is visually represented as a low jitter score. The rate of the ping influences the jitter indirectly. When the jitter is high, the response time is inconsistent. A high jitter score, for example, can result in broken voice calls, poor video quality, and malfunctioning internet connections.

Latest 20 Speed Tests:

DATE Country ISP Name Latency Jitter Download Speed Upload Speed
10-10-2023 Pakistan PTCL 22 10 11520.00 4532.00
10-9-2023 Pakistan PTCL 74 20 3048.00 483.00
10-9-2023 Pakistan Zong 96 33 265.00 210.00
09-8-2023 Pakistan PTCL 34 6 7349.00 842.00
09-8-2023 Pakistan Nayatel 82 71 5593.00 722.00
09-8-2023 Pakistan PTCL 17 20 6863.00 6016.00
09-7-2023 Pakistan PTCL 52 11 5678.00 799.00
09-7-2023 Pakistan Jazz 23 2 6978.00 839.00
09-7-2023 Pakistan PTCL 31 13 5364.00 859.00
08-6-2023 Pakistan PTCL 23 2 5906.00 859.00
08-6-2023 Pakistan Ufone 16 40 19336.00 12229.00
07-5-2023 Pakistan PTCL 23 0 13552.00 7286.00
07-5-2023 Pakistan Cybernet 36 11 9891.00 9916.00
07-5-2023 Pakistan PTCL 201 89 124.00 n/a
06-4-2023 Pakistan Zong 36 46 2489.00 118.00
05-3-2023 Pakistan PTCL 22 21 6853.00 813.00
05-3-2023 Pakistan PTCL 21 43 8414.00 12557.00
05-2-2023 Pakistan JAZZ 56 64 3121.00 5479.00
04-1-2023 Pakistan PTCL 48 20 4293.00 442.00
04-1-2023 Pakistan PTCL 4 31 7598.00 789.00


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